BizApp Development Platform

Wallet First Application Development Approach. connects BizApp to huge Trivechain community, stimulating new innovations. Learn how BizApp SDK closing the gap between your app and Trivechain here.

The platform provides SDK simplifying the difficult process of build-and-get-paid. Development team of any sizes can publish and get their apps discovered through BizStore in Trivechain wallet.


New SDK updates

16 June 2018

After consolidated feedbacks from our users, the new SDK now support opening web pages in external window! Please refer to our change logs for more info.

Yes it is ready!

27 May 2018

Thanks for your patience! Please update your wallet, activate the experimental feature from Settings - Advance page. Meanwhile, you can request for testnet TRVC through our forum.

Open Beta Update

26 May 2018

We are still making sure the product is solid to roll-out, kindly follow our topic in forum for the items we are polishing.


Securely authenticate a wallet owner through our 4-way-handshake process, session tokens are verified using wallet key pair.


Call out native digital asset transfer page from the wallet, lifting heavy job of building trust between payee and payor, smoothing the value transfer process.


Get discovered by huge community of Trivecoin owners. Once published on, user can easily discover and open it within the wallet, no installation required.