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Get Started


Before you begin, you will need a webserver able to serve nodejs express application and accessible remotely.

Core concepts

Through out the documentation, you will notice the term BizApp, BizStore and

  • BizApp
    • This is the frontend you will build to interact with your application server.
    • It can be built with web scripting technology, consist of HTML, CSS and JS.
  • BizStore
    • This is the BizApp directory available on every Trivecoin wallet.
    • Trivecoin owners search, open and interact with your BizApp through BizStore in their wallet.
    • You will publish and manage your BizApp here.
    • BizApp published on will require a valid application license and reviewed by admins before it is available for search on BizStore.

BizApp server SDK handles all the difficult tasks such as decoding the transaction hex data, getting transaction confirmation count etc.

BizApp client SDK handles the interaction between your BizApp and the Trivecoin wallet. For example, authentication using wallet key pairs and call out native funds transfer page.

Trivechain BizApp technology simplifies the hassle of publishing content on Blockchain (Trivechain in particular) and perform digital assets transfer. Developers can focus on the business logic using their favourite tools.